CleanBed for the Hospitality Industry

Can you offer your guest allergy friendly beds? Check out our CleanBed Sleep Fresh Process below.

Ever Had Bed Bugs in your rooms? CleanBed's Bed Bug Elimination Process will have your room back into action faster than anyone else in the industry.

The CleanBed Sleep Fresh Process

Imagine how your guests will feel when they enter the room to find a card by the bed stating that their bed and the pillows are regularly sanitized without chemicals for their comfort and peace of mind. Ecotize take care of your beds and pillows on a programmed sanitization service. This is great for your guest and your budget as the mattress replacement cycle is significantly extended.

  • Trained operators suck dry particles from the mattress, using high powered vibra-extraction units fitted with germicidal UV lamps. These lamps kill surface bugs and bacteria. Dry particles removed include dust mites (and their eggs), dust mite excretion, dead skin and other debris from within the mattress.

  • Commercial grade super-dry hot steam is then passed over the mattress, blasting deep into the fibres and killing all remaining organisms. The advanced equipment uses minimal moisture and the bed is able to be remade within 30 minutes of the service.

  • An antimicrobial coating is then applied to kill bacteria and mould spores on an on-going basis. This coating also has stain resistant properties to help extend the life of the bed.

CleanBed Pricing for the Hospitality Sector:

An annual sanitization with full 3 stage process is $59+GST per bed*

Quarterly follow up deep steam sanitization is $ 30+GST per bed per cycle*

Total cost to have your guests sleep in a safe sanitized bed is $149+GST/bed per year (incl. the marketing material to tell them about it). A small cost to differentiate you from your competitor.

*Minimum 50 beds per premise

Ecotize also offer a range of Hotel Maintenance services such as:

  • Carpet Sanitisation that cleans and extends your carpets life.
  • Curtain Cleaning without having to take them down.
  • Mould remediation in damp areas, removing and preventing future growth.
  • Tile and grout cleaning.
  • Soft Furniture Cleaning.