The Solution

The Solution: Mobile Bed Sanitisation

  • High Powered Dry Extraction - Trained operators suck dry particles from the mattress, using high powered vibra-extraction units fitted with germicidal UV lamps. These lamps kill surface bugs and bacteria. Dry particles removed include dust mites (and their eggs), dust mite excretion, dead skin and other debris from within the mattress.

  • Super-hot Dry Steam - Commercial grade super-hot dry steam is then passed over the mattress, blasting deep into the fibres and killing all remaining organisms. The advanced equipment uses minimal moisture and the bed is able to be re-made within 30 minutes of the service.

  • Ongoing Protection - An optional application of an on-going antimicrobial protective coating can then be applied. This prevents the bacterial and fungal breakdown of shed skin, rendering it inedible to the dust-mite. This coating can also include a stain resistant, if desired.

I was impressed that there was very little "downtime" after having the beds cleaned - I expected that I would have to wait for the beds to dry out but Tim explained that the process involves mainly very high heat rather than a lot of wet steam. I also can't believe the difference it made to the feel of the bedrooms - they all felt fresh and clean. I really appreciated that he suggested we get the couch cleaned - I hadn't even considered it but it definitely needed doing.
It was a lovely feeling last night going to sleep in a clean bed. I look forward to getting our carpets done!
Many thanks!

L Neutze

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